5 Picks for Hot Summer Savings!

July 19, 2012

What is the best way to beat the heat….or find the perfect engagement ring at sizzling summer price?  Our Hot Summer Sale For a limited time you can save up to $400 on a beautiful selection of engagement rings, bridal sets and wedding bands! This is an additional savings on top of  our incredible prices that are already 20% below regular retail!

Here are our picks some of the top engagement ring trends

Engagement Rings in Yellow Gold-Deciding whether to choose white or yellow gold has always been a choice that has come down to..what is my personal style, which will look best on me?, and contemporary style trends.   Although white gold and platinum have been the popular choices for engagement rings since the early 90’s, several celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie and Scarlet Johansson all  recently selected engagement rings set in yellow gold so who knows, maybe it is just a trend or perhaps yellow is making a come back!

Yellow Pave Engagement Rings and Matching Band-1 carat total weight

Yellow Pave Engagement Ring and Matching Band-1 CTW 
Regular Price: $1398
Sale Price: $1298

Diamond Framed and Diamond Halo Engagement Rings-Diamond Framed Engagement Rings and rings with  pave halo settings make a wonderful choice because they are beautiful, add an extra row of diamonds around the center creating the illusion of a bigger diamond, and  are  a great option if you are looking for a vintage style engagement ring.  Split  shank halo settings and vintage inspired engagement rings are perfect if you are looking for a stacked wedding band or multi-row style, and are easily worn with one or two wedding bands on either side. Diamond frame and pave halo settings look great with all types of diamond shapes including princess cut, pear-shaped, oval or marquise diamonds.



 Princess Halo Engagement Rings

Princess Halo Engagement Rings-3/4ctw
Regular Price: $1298
Sale Price: $1198

Emerald Cut Halo Rings-Fancy cut diamond shapes such as Emerald Cuts, Cushion Cuts and Marquise Diamonds are a great option if you are looking for a sophisticated vintage-inspired engagement ring. Of all of these diamond shapes,  marquise cuts offer the best value as they look larger due to their elliptical appearance. A beautiful pave diamond frame setting will make the diamond appear larger, adds vintage appeal and can even  create the illusion of cushion cut with rounded corners.

Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring-5/8CTW
Regular Price: $999
Sale Price: $899

Princess Cut Cluster Engagement Rings-Princess Cut Diamonds are by far the most popular type of diamond shape as they can look great in a  contemporary channel setting or in a vintage-style diamond frame ring. The cluster is a princess cut quad where four diamonds are put together to create a total weight center. Princess quad bridal sets often have multiple rows of diamonds around the center which makes them the perfection  option if you are looking for a big engagement ring and a great value!

Quad Princess Cut Bridal Set

Princess Cut Cluster Engagement Ring-1ctw
Regular Price: $1099
Special Prince: $999


Diamond Channel Settings

May 8, 2012

If you like simple, contemporary style fashion, you may also like channel settings or channel set diamonds, and may consider them the perfect style for your wedding set, wedding band or engagement ring.

Channel settings are created when baguette, princess cut or round diamonds are placed in a row and are securely held in place between two pieces of metal and grooves, rather than prongs.

Not only does this create a sleek and simple contemporary look, the diamonds are less likely to catch or chip because they are all set low and sit in an even smooth line, and are surrounded by metal on each side of the ring. These features also create a stunningly beautiful and contemporary style that is also a bit sturdier than other types of rings, making it a great choice for those with an active lifestyle…of course you should still be careful, and avoid doing rough work when you are wearing your ring, because diamonds can chip, especially if they are unexpectedly knocked against something.In addition to durability, one of the wonderful aspect of this style is that it provides numerous design combinations including, in-line  bypass or encircling or embellished channel accents.

engagement ring with channel set diamonds

In line Channel Accents

  • In-Line Channel Accents: Diamonds along the band in line with the center diamond, creati ng a line of gems.
  • Encircling Channel Accents: Two or more channels are used to completely encircle the central diamond. This is a popular style of wedding sets.
  • Embellished Channel Accents: Channels have detailed etching or sculpted accents either parallel or perpendicular to the channel can add texture and style to the ring.
  • Bypass Channel Accents: The channel is along the side s of the central diamond, creating a wave illusion.
  • Different Length Channel Accents: The length of the channel may vary, based on the number of stones used. There may be as few as two or three  diamonds on each side of the center diamond or as many as five to seven.
All  of these styles create beautiful contemporary options for an engagement ring or wedding
set! Or try a channel set wedding band to wear with a solitaire-Its the perfect  contemporary embellishment for your elegant traditional ring!
marquise bridal set

Diamond Bypass Setting

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring That Doesn’t Break the Bank!

April 12, 2012
Emerald Engagment RIng

Halo Engagement Ring with Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald Cut Engagement rings are perfect for women who like simple, elegant an sophisticated style.  This stunning diamond cut has become the choice for everyone from Grace Kelly to Elizabeth Taylor and more recently, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson and Beyonce to name a few….

Emerald cuts are a type of diamond called trap or step-cuts, so called because the facets or flat surfaces of the diamonds are  parallel to the girdle, or  the widest part of the diamond. Originally designed for emeralds, this diamond shape features long rectangular line, cropped corners that emphasizes its radiance and clarity.

Widely used in the 1920’s  to create the distinctive  look of art-deco style engagement rings, emerald cut diamonds  have stood the test of time to create the perfect combination of traditional, classic and vintage style.

Emerald engagement rings are beautiful enough to create a distinctive solitaire with a center diamond, or perhaps a simple engagement ring with accent diamonds for a more traditional style. For those who make like a slightly more elaborate and vintage-inspired designs though, this beautiful emerald halo engagement ring may exactly the type of ring that your are looking for. A 1/5ct emerald cut is set in a beautiful 14k setting with a diamond halo that features  3/8 carat total weight of  brilliant cut round diamonds in a split shank engagement setting. The price is hard to beat at $999 for a 5/8 ctw engagement ring!

Add a  1/4 ctw diamond wedding band for  $349

Or a 1/3ctw half eternity ring for $479

#4Princess Channel Engagement Ring

April 11, 2012
princess engagement ring

Starting at $1248 for 1 ctw in 14kt white gold

When you put two contemporary classics together -a channel engagement ring setting with princess cut diamonds you get the perfect combination of modern and traditional that has stood the test of the time and and continues to be one of the most desired styles-the princess channel engagement ring set !

Princess Cut Diamonds are a squarish shape, second only to the round diamond  in popularity. Princess diamonds combine the vividness and intensity of brilliant with unique and modern square shape also makes them a great option if you like the look of contemporary engagement rings.

Princess diamonds are well suited for channel settings-a single,  continuous row of diamonds that results in a simple and elegant  in-line style that features diamond accents without elaborate embellishments to the shank of the ring. Yet another reason for the  long standing popularity of this ring, is that more of the diamonds are seen,  because each princess diamond is held in place between two pieces of metal with small grooves, instead of a prong.  This beautiful style of channel engagement ring is also  delicate enough that it can be worn with one or even two diamond wedding bands, not to mention  that it is also universersely flattering!

If you like this style you may also like this version with an invisible quad cut center that starts under $1000-Princess Quad Engagement Ring starting from $849 for a 3/4ctw. An affordable engagement ring option that is hard to beat!

Engraving Engagement Rings and Wedding Sets

January 10, 2012

A wonderful  way to make that engagement ring extra special is to personalize  it with an engraved message. Whether you decide on something that is romantic, sentimental,  or humorous, its the perfect way to convey a sentiment that will last a lifetime.

Engraving Tips

The engraving usually needs to be done after the ring is sized or the engraved message could be damaged or destroyed. However, at Diamond Classic Jewelry, the engraved messages  are placed at the top of the ring and usually will not be ruined if the ring ever should need to be resized. However, we suggest that you use  no more than 15 characters because space is tight on most of the bands. Engraving is great way to make it extra special and only $15!

One of the most popular message ideas  is to  combine a brief message with either the couples initials or the wedding date! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Sentimental Messages 

Song titles or phrases

Wedding song

A favorite Bible Verse

Quote from favorite book or poem

Phrase  from wedding vows

Initials of the couple

Past, Present, Future

Date of Wedding


Two Friends Become One


Romantic Messages 

Together Forever


Happily Ever After

To Infinity

From This Day Forward

Yours Always

All My Love

To Have and To Hold

Till Death

I Love You

True Love


With Love


Love, Honor, Cherish

My True Love

Always, Forever

Always, Faithfully

Humorous Messages 

XOXO (Hugs and Kisses)

Cute nicknames


His and Hers in the appropriate wedding rings/wedding bands


Worth the Wait

Big “Bang for Your Buck:” Princess Cut Vintage Style Engagement Rings with Invisible Centers

December 6, 2011
Vintage Wedding Rings with Princess Cut Diamonds Vintage Wedding Rings with Princess Cut Diamonds Vintage Wedding Rings with Princess Cut Diamonds Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Looking for a “Big Look?”  A great way to save or just get a big bang for you buck is  to consider diamond engagement rings with an  invisible-set Princess Cut diamond center.These are a great choice  if you are looking for beautiful and affordable engagement ring option. Rings with an invisible set center diamond are significantly less expensive than engagement rings with a single center diamond because a diamond price increases as the size increases.The center of this kind of engagement ring is called an invisible setting – or a diamond setting that gets its name because each diamond is set next to each other in rows without any metal in between and held in place using atongue and groove method. The setting doesn’t show any metal and it appears to  be – well – invisible.  Think of the Leggos you played with as a kid..there is an indentation in one diamond and the other fits into it almost without showing a seam of any kind.
Bridal Ring Set with Princess Cut DiamondsBridal Ring Set with Princess Cut Diamonds
This invisible set Diamond Engagement Ring is one of our most popular rings! It’s sometimes called a Quad Princess because it has 4 diamonds in the center, but some rings have 6, 9 or

Vintage-Style Engagement Ring and Matching Band

even 12 and is perfect if you are looking for a big engagement ring but do not want to break the bank. If you like the idea of  single engagement ring and band combination, you might also like 3 row bridal sets. These unique bridal ring sets include an engagement ring and a matching band on each side, but are made in one piece. Not only do you get huge engagement ring at a great price, you don’t have to worry about one  of the bands sliding  or twisting around on your finger.
Invisible set Engagement Rings can come in many styles, but one of the reasonsthis vintage inspired wedding ring set is so popular is the  beautiful diamond Pave Frame and shank that is so characteristic of the wildly popular Vintage engagement rings. These rings are very reminiscent of those recently chosen by such celebrities as Katie Holmes, Natalie Portman and Reese Witherspoon.  And frankly, if you don’t have their budget, you might just fall in love with this ring!